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Midas Touch / Metal Polishing Cream / 16oz Can

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Midas Touch

Metal Polishing Cream / 16oz Can

Midas Touch is a unique formulation of special cleaners that gently removes tarnish, film and stains from all metal surfaces. Midas Touch contains jeweler's rouge and is ideal for all metals and fine jewelry.


Midas Touch cleans, polishes and protects:

Brass, Bronze, Sterling Silver, Copper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Platinum, Gold, Chrome, Magnesium, Nickel, and Pewter.


Midas Touch is ideal for:

Antiques, flatware, trophies, jewelry, sterling silver, seving pieces, planters, decorative pieces, stainless steel and copper cookware, fireplace accessories, brass door fittings and trim, range drip pans, aluminum shower and screen doors, stainless steel sinks, chrome faucets, glass shower doors, brass beds, cutlery, ornaments, golf clubs, guns, knives, bicycles and musical instruments.


Midas Touch leaves the metal surface COMPLETELY free of hairline or microscratches when applied correctly.




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